To Vallaki! Still!

The party defeated the harpies and didn’t waste any time moving off the exposed cliffside and decided to take a short rest at Lake Zarovich. Ramas meditated under a tree, Rothwulf and Ezmerelda discussed the Ireena situation, and Booger decided to take a swim which the attention of a large sea creature. The creature lured Booger into the water by charming him, then grappled him with its tentacles. Ramas sprung to action and began slashing and punching tentacles trying to free Booger. Rothwulf joined the fight, but the turning point was Booger breaking out of the charm of the creature and launching a devastating four slashes with his longsword, killing the beast. However, the beast might have made the final move in diseasing Ramas with one of its tentacle attacks, causing his skin to turn translucent and slimy. Ramas found his body wasn’t healing properly as his skin was drying out causing him serious pain. He decided to create a salve for it, which appeared to work in alleviating the drying and pain, but Ezmerelda determined that it would likely take magical healing to cure.

Dusk was setting in when the party arrived at Vallaki and they noticed wolf heads on pikes outside of the city walls. Rothwulf addressed the town guards for entrance, stating their business was with the Baron (burgomaster) and delivering Ireena to safety. However, despite Rothwulf’s best efforts, the town guards would not risk letting in any servants of Strahd after sunset and so the party decided to camp out for the night. They made preparations as Rothwulf took the first watch, and using his keen hearing and smell he was alerted to a rider approaching. Booger was abruptly woken up and he sprang into action. The skeletal rider was quickly defeated and Booger found a strange signet ring on the undead warrior.


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