To Berez!

The gang gets back on track

In the wake of dispatching a swarm of vampire spawn there was an issue of settling Booger’s ransom. Ireena stepped up to the plate and offered Booger a role in her takeover of Vallaki. Booger turned the offer down, but she gave him three familiar war horses for killing the Baron (Booger dropped him off a roof). Ireena used the fear Booger put over the crowd to seize power in hopes of improving her hand against Strahd.

Not to be deterred by the lie of a small child, the party set out to find the bones of St. Andral. Unsurprisingly, the party split up immediately upon arrival at the Coffin Maker’s shop and didn’t communicate a plan, so three plans were put into motion. Rothwulf simply opened the door while Booger burst through the rear entrance and Ramas climbed in through a window (right?). Henrik surrendered the bones easily and Booger seemed curious as to how he did it, but not why… oh well, with the bones returned to Father Lucian the church became hallowed ground once again.

The party decided to try something they haven’t done in a long time, talk to each other. Ramas explained his vision and the merging of two quests- one for the weapon to destroy Strahd and one to recover a stolen magical stone to gain the Order of the Feather as allies. After resting for the evening in the sanctuary of the church (except Ramas who was outside meditating under a tree), the party departed for ruins of Berez, a village that was drowned by a river.

When they arrived in Berez they met a wereraven of the Order of the Feather, Muriel. Muriel and Ramas recognized each other and explained their task- the stone was being held in a hut by a powerful witch, one that has haunted Ramas’ visions for some time now.


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