The Blood on the Vine

Ramas, Booger, and Rothwulf each began their evening in Invidia and unbeknownst to them, they wouldn’t be in that realm come the following morning. Booger set out to look for an Ussuri, but was presented with an opportunity to earn some coin protecting a Barovian woman for a powerful being. Luckily for him, the Ussuri, Rothwulf, was also heading to Barovia for his own reasons. Rothwulf was planning on ending his evening at the Laughing Maiden when a stranger set him on another course. Rothwulf was torn about putting his quest on hold in order to assist Ezmerelda with her mission of killing a powerful vampire. Ezmerelda had a lead on a Barovian woman that was of particularly interest to her vampire and they decided to start their investigation with her. Meanwhile, Ramas was contacted by a elder Vistana who asked for his assistance in freeing the realm of their dark lord’s curse. He was given information to find a Vistani woman that would aid him.

The three adventurers with different goals and motivations found themselves together in a tavern, the Blood on the Vine. What brought them together at that moment? Was it fate? Or something else, possibly something deceitful or even sinister in nature?


justwarber justwarber

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