"All will be well!"


The party found entry to Vallaki much easier in the morning. They noticed a large number of patrons leaving the local church, the Church of St. Andral, as they made their way to The Baron’s estate. Upon arriving the party noticed people coming and going, but mostly leaving piles of twigs in the yard of the burgomaster. They were greeted warmly by The Baron, which didn’t sit well with most of the party. The Baron ensured Ireena’s place within the family and safety within Vallaki.

After leaving the Baron’s estate, the party had different motives and split up. Ramas went to the Church of St. Andral to meet with Father Lucian in hopes of finding some cure for his disease, while Rothwulf and Booger went to the town square and market looking for equipment. Rothwulf and Booger traded their war horses for various items through deft negotiation, then made their way to meet up with Ramas. At the Church of St. Andral, Father Lucian did provide Ramas with the healing he sought and found Ramas quite receptive to the words of the Morning Lord. Father Lucian confided in Ramas that he was concerned for the safety of his patrons as the bones of St. Andral himself had been stolen. He had recently confided in a young boy, Yeska, that the church was protected from Strahd through the power of St. Andral’s bones. Yeska’s father is the local coffin maker and the party decided to pay him a visit. There Booger and Ramas met Henrik van der Voort (Yeska’s father) and Yeska revealed that he had mentioned the bones of St. Andral to another patron, Milivoj, who frequents the church and is often carrying a shovel or other tools of labor. While Booger and Ramas were in the coffin maker’s shop, Rothwulf investigated a strange carnival wagon nearby and discovered that it was holding a sabre-toothed tiger, which he immediately set free.


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