To Vallaki!

But first, let's tie up a priest!

The party negotiated firmly with Father Donavich after destroying his undead son. They left him tied up and the church unlocked through the night with the body of burgomaster Kolyan Indirovich. Much to their surprise, Father Donavich kept his word and was prepared to bury the burgomaster in the morning. After the burial, the party secured two war horses and set out for Vallaki with Ireena under their protection. They made it to a bridge spanning a wide and incredibly deep chasm (kasm; my bad (English)). It was there that a flock of harpies sprung their trap to lure the party over the cliff edge with their enchanting song. While most of the party staggered towards the cliff edge, Rothwulf and Ezmerelda tried to break them out of their trance. Then harpies started firing arrows from their elevated position, in an attempt to drive them over the cliff; however, the party had little difficulty slaying the harpies once they regained their senses.


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