The party awoke to Sam’s alarm spell and heard something quickly retreat to the water. They quickly realized they were no longer in the Vistani camp, but on a small island in the middle of a wide river, surrounded by dense forest. After a brief investigation the party decided is wasn’t a safe place to linger. Besides the creature in the water (Rothwulf saw it), they saw eerie lights and hear dissonant whispers around them. A quick casting of protection from evil by Sam appeared to do the trick. While trying to flee the island they saw a noble on a horse hunting a deer. He was accompanied by six retainers and hunting dogs, but they soon soon departed offering no help to the party. The party was rescued by Captain Nathan Timothy despite Sam trying to trip him with her whip. They boarded his vessel, the Virago, and headed toward Karina, their mutual destination. On their way they passed the very same noble and Captain Timothy warned them to steer clear of him (Matton Blanchard) as he was rather snobbish. Captain Timothy shared food and drinks with the party and gave them some information about Karina and Carnival, including the likely illegal dog fighting, which he mentioned is his favorite part.

They rested at night in a cove known as The Purse, but were attacked by wolves and a werewolf. The party proved more than capable to dispatching their enemies with Rufius shifting into a bear, Sam firing Eldritch Blasts with her eyes closed, and Rothwulf smashing mercilessly with his maul. Possibly the most peculiar event was Rothwulf shifting into a humanoid bear creature when he raged. He didn’t have much time to contemplate it before he shifted back into his normal human self and Captain Timothy called out for help from a nearby tree. The party returned to the Virago to continue their rest and were unmolested for the remainder of the night. In the morning they set off for Karina and arrived by noon.

Once the party was in a strange new town that was overcrowded with tourists they did the most logical thing possible, split up. They explored a small section of the city on their own and eventually met back at the Black Swan in hopes of catching up with Captain Timothy.


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