Finding the Dukkar

and saving Rufius?

Sam and Rothwulf made their escape from the Citadel and headed back into the heart of Carnival in search of Old Barovian ales… and maybe the Dukkar… and maybe Rufius? They followed Matton Blanchard to the Laughing Maiden tavern where he was working up some liquid courage to go find Scar Tabor, who Rothwulf was told would know how to find the Dukkar. After accepting a hefty sum of gems and coin, Scar informed the party that Gabrielle Aderre was the mother of the Dukkar and the both could be found in the old Haptmeyer estate on the cliffs. A mysterious stranger also approached Scar, but was turned away, discouraged. Sam took note of the man and followed him, leaving Blanchard and Rothwulf with Scar. Sam met the mysterious Ramas who invited her to join him at the local monastery to discuss his interest in finding the Dukkar. Eventually Sam found Rothwulf and the two of them agreed to help Blanchard search the mansion in the morning, and they then met up with Ramas at the monastery and discussed joining forces to deal with the Dukkar.


justwarber justwarber

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