Attack at St. Andral Church

Booger's master plan

The party made their way and met up at the Church of St. Andral where a handful of citizens were holding up while the town attempted to oust the Baron. Booger escorted the Baron to the church where he proceeded to time him up after discovering a small group of vampire spawn in the attic. The Ramas and Booger fought the vampires in the church while Rothwulf made an exit through a stained-glass window to investigate chanting outside. The chanting was a vampire sorceress who was raising zombies from the graveyard. Ezmerelda met up with Rothwulf and helped defeat the undead outside and they both returned to the church to aid their comrades. After defeating the vampires, Booger quickly took the Baron upstairs and held him out the window where he attempted to ransom the town for exotic mounts with the Baron’s life.


justwarber justwarber

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