All will be well?

Back at the tavern...

Rothwulf spoke with the saber-toothed tiger and found out its master is a man with pointy ears and gray hair. He returned the cat to its cage and the party set off for the Church of St. Andral to speak with Milivoj about stealing the bones. On their way Ramas noticed a flock of ravens flying overhead that turned toward the center of town and he decided to follow them and the party went with him. The ravens landed at Raven’s Roost and the party settled down inside for a meal and drinks.

At Raven’s Roost, Ezmerelda described a traumatic event from her childhood and told the party about her mentor, Dr. Rudolph van Ricten. Booger caused all sorts of mischief by playing cards (he got away with cheating) and insulting nobles who in turn called the town guard. Booger stared down the town guard with no regard for anything really and killed two of them easily. The leader of the guards, Izek, appeared eager for a good fight, but was quickly overwhelmed by the party who barely took a scratch. Booger bound Izek with rope, and despite his best efforts, Izek couldn’t escape so he pleaded for his life. Booger, with apparently zero fucks to give, decapitated him. Rothwulf found a very creepy doll on Izek that looked surprisingly much like Irena, which gave him second thoughts about Irena’s safety with the Baron.

Upon the death of Izek, the towns folk appeared to be getting worked up with thoughts of removing the Baron from power. It wasn’t clear if Booger was leading them or following them to the Baron’s residence with Izek’s head. Meanwhile, Urwin urged Ramas to follow him upstairs and Rothwulf was speaking with the elder half-elven man downstairs as a revolt was brewing outside.


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