A New Threat

Following the demise of The Dukkar, the Deepwood Trio went their separate ways, each drawn to their own destiny.

Rothwulf joined the Ussurian resistance and helped his people reclaim their land and the rule of Invidia. More of a feud that a war, the two lycanthropic dynasties fought tirelessly for two years, pushing their species to the brink of extinction. While Rothwulf’s experience in battle did teach him to master his shifting, it did little to prepare him for the horrors of war, but it was his memories of Rufias that would haunt him and render him unable to settle down.

Sam followed her hellbent heart into Barovia in search of that dying vineyard and her long lost daughter. Sam faced perviously unimaginable evils on her journey. She became hardened to suffering and merciless on the battlefield; a true survivor. Sam was prepared for anything and everything, except for the moment she laid eyes on her blissfully happy daughter. Nothing could have prepared her for such conflicted feelings.

Ramas reimagines the battle with The Dukkar nearly every night.He retraces the decisions that were made up to the point where he unleashed the Fist of Unbroken AIr that dispatched his foe. He struggled with the emptiness that followed. He returned to his hermitic ways in order to answer a defining question, “Was The Dukkar the great evil he was meant to vanquish, or is there another, greater foe out there that he must face?” Ramas found the question as troubling as either answer.

It would appear that the paths of the Deepwood Trio were only aligned for a moment, like three lines that intersected at one point and then continued in opposite directions for eternity. A Vistana would disagree, however. They would point out that the lines were never straight to begin with and probably compare them to the trails of light made by fireflies in the night sky. If you watch closely you can follow the paths and even predict where they will reappear.


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