Best Laid Plans
Mysterious Visitors

The party eventually met at the temple with Edvard in the morning to discuss a plan to address the growing threat. Edvard was mostly concerned about people packing up and leaving the already small town. He also shot down an idea of Sam, Rufius, and Rothwulf leaving to get help as that would leave the town vulnerable. They settled on collecting the gold from the Vale of the Silvery Moon (after getting Trammil’s permission/blessing) to finance their adventures and reinforce the town. Rufius had some inspired play by turning into a horse and then an ox to pull the cart of gold (a few hundred pounds/ thousands of potential coins). 

The party also established how to definitely kill a vampire- according to Father Quint, only submerging them in running water or exposing them to sunlight. Staking their hearts with a sharp wooden object paralyzes them, which can make the two methods of destroying them easier. Sam asked Father Quint if they would be afraid of running water and he didn’t believe they would be, they could possibly even cross running water without being destroyed, but he’s never seen that.

The day ended with the pack going out to patrol the woods and eventually reporting suspicious activity to the party. They investigated and saw a group of caravans in a clearing. The pack was keeping their distance, but observing.

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

The party arrived at the Temple and made their way to the front where Edvard was trying to calm the concerned town. Deepwood has lost three of its community members in the past 2 days, primarily at the hands of Armon. The party struggled to explain how they discovered Armon to be the killer, but the pack stepped forward and defended Trammil. They succeeded in convincing them of Trammil’s innocence. But at the cost of revealing their true nature and their role in protecting the town. They expressed their concerns of not being able to protect the village as the mists have lingered longer than usual and they have lost two members of their pack. Sam kept no secrets from the town as she told of the evils they face. Father Quint spoke up and didn’t help quell any fears, but Rothwulf acted quickly and took Father Quint out for a drink where he shared his surprising past as a vampire hunter. He tried to inspire Rothwulf to step up as he saw much promise in him. Edvard agreed with Sam to meet back in the morning and make a plan to address the growing threat. The crowd wasn’t satisfied, still quick shook up and fearful, but they dispersed for the evening. Rufias walked back with Sam and they discussed her missing child. Later that night Sam reflected back on the events of the day and realized one of the pack members mentioned kidnappings and missing persons, which may have given her a little hope or at least a possible lead.

Hell Hounds
Demonic Intervention

The party consoled the pack for the loss of their two members, Ginny and Pruert Jyles; however, Axl Jyles was quite unconsolable at the loss of his parents. He attempted to get vengeance by charging into the mist, but Rothwulf intercepted and knocked him unconscious. The remaining pack members carried Axl and his dead parents back to Deepwood when three Hell Hounds emerged from the mist. The party attempted to hide and ambush the hell hounds, but were quickly overwhelmed. Rothwulf and Rufius fell victim to the burning bites of the hell hounds, but Sam kept out of melee and used her Eldritch Blast from a distance. Sam realized that she didn’t stand a chance after her allies had fallen so she called upon her patron for guidance. The patron vanquished the hell hounds with a quick swipe of a fiery whip and Sam was mysteriously able to revive her allies with ease, all for the low low price of doubling her servitude. Once revived, Sam informed the party that the threat was “vanquished” and they headed back to Deepwood to rest. When they arrived in town there was a large gathering at the temple and a loud discussion was taking place.

The Investigation Continues
Enter the Vampire

The party continued with their investigation of the murder. The temple was attacked by a swarm of bats. Rothwulf captured a bunch of bats under a crate. Rufius shifted into a bear and finished the bats off. Sam captured and tortured one of the bats to death while trying to get it to lead them to their “master”. Sam struggled to recall who the person was that she knocked out (Armon), but Rothwulf and Rufias went to the Squeaky Wheel at the crack of dawn, but Hilda wasn’t able to provide much help as she was inside serving Rothwulf with the man shouted in the streets. The two did however ask around town and determined that Armon was that person. They followed up that lead by going to Armon’s mansion, but he wasn’t much help, just that he saw a beast and heard that Trammil changed from a beast into a human, so clearly it was him! They were quickly shown out- they didn’t mention that Edvard gave them permission to search the home or tell Armon about the two sets of prints. Trammil then told the party about his journal and the information regarding the gold. The party was reluctant to search the shack, but they did eventually. The journal was missing, presumed stolen. Trammil showed the party where the gold was hidden and he was sure the killer would be after it. He promised the party the gold if they stopped the killer. Upon entering the Vale of the Silvery Moon, the party saw the pack fighting with Gnarl Paw and they joined the fight; however, a vampire also joined the fight and killed Gnarl Paw and a werewolf (Gnarl Paw also killed a werewolf). The vampire was getting surrounded and fled into a strange mist. The party gave chase, but stopped at the strange mist.

The Murder

The party heard a man shouting “Murder!” through the streets. Sam knocked him out. A priestess was murdered at the temple. An injured wolf was found at the scene and it shifted into a human, Trammil. The party kept the mob at bay (twice) and made a plan to lure the killer out using Trammil as bait. Unfortunately, the plan was a little short-sighted and caused another mob to form, calling for Trammil’s torture, which was abated by Sam’s intimidating presence. The party was supported by Edvard in detaining Trammil and given his permission to investigate the murder. Rufius and Rothwulf found two sets of tracks going into the temple, but no sets leaving the temple. They discovered Trammil is a werewolf and the killer is as well. Trammil told the party that he was getting close to discovering the identity of the killer and that’s why he was lured into a trapped that framed him for the murder. The party was left wondering what the first person at the crime scene saw.


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