Male human druid


Rufius grew up as the third youngest son of a small widowed village farmer. One day, when Rufius was about 5, the wagon containing farm goods from the village, to be sold at market, was attacked by a group of bandits. Both, Rufius’ father, and his brothers were killed. One of the bandits saw Rufius hiding behind a barrel of pickled vegetables. When the armed man approached Rufius, the bandit made eye contact with him. As the thuggish brute raised his rapier to strike through, he suddenly stopped and became overtaken with a look of fear. He turned to flee and Rufius never fully understood what happened during that encounter.

After living in the wilderness for a short time, living off of plants, nuts, and berries…and even forcing himself to kill a rabbit to maintain his base protein levels; an act he never has forgiven himself for (hence the rabbit’s foot tied to a thong that hangs around his neck as a constant reminder) Rufius came upon a temple buried deep within the forest. A Druid monk found him and took Rufius in to provide and care for him.

The solitary Druid monk, who worshipped at that temple, took Rufius under his wing and brought him up as a Novice in the Druidistic way of life. Rufius took a keen interest in the god Silvanus and started worshiping and honoring the aptly named Forest Father.

Rufius has never forgotten that horrible day when he lost his family, but he understands that the misfortune set him on the current path of the Druid. He honors Silvanus as often as possible in every day to day activities and always tries to be thoughtful and courteous towards nature.


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