The End of the Dukkar

The party found themselves being stalked by a vampire spawn just outside of the cliffside mansion where the Dukkar resided. They were alerted to its presence by Vladimir, who turned out to be a fellow Ussuri. They party failed to sneak away from the threat, but quickly dispatched the foe. The battle made enough noise to draw the attention of the Dukkar, who released the (hell) hounds, causing further trouble for the party. Ramas was gravely injured by a hell hound bite, but Rothwulf pulled him to safety while Vlad and Sam held off the hounds and the approaching Dukkar, who revealed his true demonic form. The Dukkar made several attempts to charm the party and delay their retreat, but Vlad resisted and continues to maul the Dukkar. Sam stabilized Ramas and when the party hid in the forest they took a short rest which allowed him to regain consciousness. The Dukkar searched for the party by flying over the forest, but was unable to spot the party and teleported away. The party regained their strength and with a little inspiration from Sam, their resolve. They made their way back to the mansion for a final showdown, which ended quickly as Ramas pulled out all the stops and used his now signature Fist of Unbroken Air.

The Vistani were watching remotely and approached the party after they defeated the Dukkar to congratulate them. Marcella told Sam of another vision of her child, this time playing in a dying vineyard in Barovia. Rothwulf was encourage by Vlad to join the resistance in Barovia in overthrowing the vampire lord. When the party asked about Rufius, Marcella informed them that he had fallen into madness at the hands of Bane. Ramas was left with a little soul searching as he had completed an enormous personal quest.


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