Meanwhile in Barovia

Rothwulf, Booger, Ramas, and Ezmerelda followed Ismark to the Indirovich estate and met with Ireena. There they formed a plan to bring Ireena’s father’s body to the church to prep is for burial in the morning after prayers to the Morning Lord. Only after a proper burial would Ireena agree to be escorted to Vallaki, a fortified town west of Barovia. The party set out to the church and met with Father Donavich who was praying in a disheveled church. It wasn’t long before they heard inhuman screams calling from the basement. Despite Father Donavich’s pleading, the party found their way into the basement in search of Father Donavich’s son who was bitten by Strahd.

In the basement Ramas lit a torch and was immediately attacked by Doru, the vampire spawn. There was also a giant spider lurking that briefly trapped Rothwulf in some webbing. Booger went after the spider and Ramas and Rothwulf destroyed the vampire. Father Donavich resealed the trap door and barricaded it; however, Ramas used an ability which blasted a number of support beams and created a large hole in the church floor (the basement’s ceiling).

Now all the party has to do is make sure Father Donavich, whose son they just killed, is on schedule for burying the body in the morning so they can set out for Vallaki with Ireena.


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