At Cliffside Mansion

The party found themselves under attack just before daybreak. Scar had tracked them from the dog fights and was out to kill the Ussuri (Rothwulf). Ramas went down early, but was revived by a fellow monk before joining the party in defeating the werewolves and capturing Scar. Rothwulf took Scar’s hands, but let him go free and the party went on their way to the Haptmeyer mansion to confront the Dukkar. They stopped at the Laughing Maiden to meet up with Matton Blanchard, but rumor had it that he left with Gabrielle the night before. Something had frightened her enough to leave Karina.

At the cliffside mansion, the party waited until nightfall when a dark figured, assumed to be the Dukkar, returned. Before they could confront him, several swarms of bats swept in.


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